sounds of our town

 hosted by Jumping Fences


Welcome to the homepage of Foco Nuevo, the performance project
of Jumping Fences, where we have adapted the Latin American peña into our own informal concert held on the First Friday of every month.

Our home base is Kurilpa Hall at 174 Boundary Street West End.

Friday 4th November, 2016.  8.00 p.m.

This month we welcome The Songs of Tom Smith and Silken Thomas Minus One. Hope to see you there!

The Songs of Tom Smith: In January 2013, Tom half-jokingly put up a post on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to have his songs — they were of no use to him. He certainly never expected the result: You Do It, I Can't Be Bothered! is an album of 25 songs he had written but never played live or recorded. He was deeply heartened and inspired once again to present his songs live. ‘The Songs of Tom Smith’ is a band with a floating membership. Tom is not necessarily even in it; the only constant is, as the name suggests, ‘The Songs of Tom Smith’. [website]

Silken Thomas Minus One (Brian Brett, Ian Evans, Rose Broe and Robin Etter-Cleave) perform toe-tapping folk music and ballads. Robin has a magic flute, Brian and Ian have guitars that gently weep, and Rose has her own trained accordion and the audacity to play it in public. Come along and enjoy the fun with these seasoned musicians. [website].

Jumping Fences: the song-writing partnership of Lachlan Hurse and Sue Monk join forces with Dan Simpson, James Harper and Robbie Stewart, (Ross Gwyther is still on his European sojourn) to create an innovative style that is inspired by their long association with Latin American singer-songwriters. Dynamic arrangements move easily between tenderness and energy and their lyrics take the rich poetry of everyday life into bigger social themes, creating strong points of connection for their audiences. [website]

Entry is $10 and $7 (concession)

Cakes, tea and coffee available.